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Only two more days until I get my baby back into my arms.
So happy I got to talk to my best friend tonight. I haven’t been able to talk to him a lot since he’s been on duty and the service is pretty shitty, but I’m so happy to know that the Air Force is treating him well and that he’s happy even though he’s so far away from home. I love this kid and I can’t wait until he comes back to see me because I need him back in my life. 
Love you Dean and stay safe!

When I overdo it while day drinking


why yes I am drinking RIGHT NOW

I love my view. Perfect day for this.


when did i use that tag

Stay the hell woke



if u wit ur girl

and she put her phone down like this:


u mostly likely a side nigga stay woke

Can y’all stop giving away secrets

"It takes over 200 muscles to fake an orgasm. One bearded guy will save you a whole lot of work."

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This is true

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So proud to be part of the legionnaires. I love my mudder family. #mudderlegion #legionnaire #toughmudder #globalmudderweekend #headbandmonday #getmuddy #muddernation #orangeheadbands

Let’s talk

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during the offseason my blog doesn’t even look like a kings blog so i’m worried in october like half of my followers will feel like they got slapped in the face by black and silver