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-Moved from NYC to Pennsylvania.

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I've got more skeletons in my closet then in the ground at a cemetery.

I'm a recovering addict who is just trying to get her shit together one day at a time.
  • vesley:


    Like I’ve never gotten a sunburn in my life.


    how about now

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  • medukaissuffering:

    if you take me forest exploring i will probably fall in love with you

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  • loldork:


    if you’ve ever stepped on a dog’s foot and didn’t apologise like ur life depended on it please let me know now so i can get a restraining order

    I’ll follow back

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  • mistletoevests:

    why are bras and period products so fucking expensive okay this shit pisses me off, it’s not like i asked for boobs or for my vagina to destroy itself every month

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  • aquarlus:

    “hey do you want the rest of my-“


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